Courage doesn’t always make the front page of the newspaper or the evening news. Every day each of us experiences hurdles we must overcome. Some are hardly noticed while others challenge us to become stronger than we ever thought we could be.



I accepted my initial writing challenge when I wrote my first book, I Stand with Courage: One Woman’s Journey to Conquer Paralysis.  I was introduced to publishing through a self-publishing company.

Friends and relatives told me that my story was an inspiration for them. I wanted to share my experience as an inspiration for others.


After many years of learning from my Woman of Words networking group I learned the ins-and-outs of marketing a book, inspirational speaking, self-publishing and numerous other tricks-of-the-trade,  I self-published my second book, Reflections.

This book is a compilation of a lifetime of stories, thoughts and wisdom that I have written. It was intended as a legacy for my children. Others have purchased this book to use as a guide to an alternative way of creating a memoir.

Realizing I was not the only one who had gone through a traumatic event in my life and successfully survived, I solicited other men and women who had experienced a crisis that changed their life for the better. Thirty writers submitted their stories for this inspirational book.