About the Book

"I Stand With Courage" by Kathryn HolmesThe horrendous medical problems my husband and I incurred in 2008, including my paralysis, gave me the fuel for my book. Family, friends, and acquaintances all marveled at my recovery from paralysis. I heard comments like: “It’s a miracle.” “You are an inspiration to me.” “How did it happen?” I wanted to share my personal life experience as a message of hope for others trying to overcome challenges.However, I must admit it was becoming a first time grandmother that truly inspired my determination and quest for mobility. I wanted to be a “proper” grandmother. It’s truly amazing how little tugs at your heart can make a major impact.


  • The Book

    Was it a miracle, God-given determination, or both, that lifted Kathi from the paralysis that blindsided her, confining her to a wheelchair?

    No one wants to face such a life-changing health crisis, but Kathi takes us on her journey of creating a new life with a disability. With a husband also hospitalized, she is alone in her battle. A rehab center becomes her home while she searches for strength of body—and mind.

    See how acceptance, determination, and courage can overcome the challenges of everyday life. Reading about her progress, you realize she is just like you—an ordinary person who accepts and achieves the challenge to accomplish extraordinary feats, inspiring us by her power of faith and determination.

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