Transformation Photos

Kathi Holmes, Minnesota2006

“Two years prior to Charlie’s leg amputation and Kathi’s paralysis.”

Kathi Holms2009

“Mother of the Bride with daughter Paula.”

Kathi Holms2009

“Mother of the Bride “dancing” with friend, Bonnie, at Paula & Chris’s wedding.”


“Kathi standing with the help of Charlie’s wheelchair.”


“Wheeling baby Olivia around in Grandma’s wheelchair.”

December 2010

Olivia perched on the arm of Kathi and Charlie’s wheelchairs.


“Charlie & Kathi exiting the ship on their Alaskan cruise.”

Kathi Holmes


“Christmas with granddaughters.”

Isabella, Grandma Kate, Honey, Olivia and Charlie

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    Was it a miracle, God-given determination, or both, that lifted Kathi from the paralysis that blindsided her, confining her to a wheelchair?

    No one wants to face such a life-changing health crisis, but Kathi takes us on her journey of creating a new life with a disability. With a husband also hospitalized, she is alone in her battle. A rehab center becomes her home while she searches for strength of body—and mind.

    See how acceptance, determination, and courage can overcome the challenges of everyday life. Reading about her progress, you realize she is just like you—an ordinary person who accepts and achieves the challenge to accomplish extraordinary feats, inspiring us by her power of faith and determination.

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    1. Michelle Parker says:

      WOW! In 2009. I suffered a stroke and went into rehab for 6 months. I was determined to do the things I did before the stroke. I thank you for your story. Be Blessed!

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