Kathi interviewed by Nadia Giordana on WomanVisionTV

Kathi speaking at the Woman of Words Retreat.


Since my book was first published in November 2011 I have been touring the Twin Cities and surrounding areas, speaking at churches, community centers, support groups, senior communities, and writer’s groups.

Told I would be paralyzed the remainder of my life, I now walk up to stand in front of my audience assisted only with a cane. I also have the ability to drive.

I have appeared on the cable television shows “It’s A Woman’s World” and “WomenVision TV” and featured in local newspapers and magazines.

My goal is to inspire others by sharing the story of my husband and my experince recovering from critical health issues at the same time. I encourage audiences to reach beyond their boundaries and see how with courage, determination, and faith there is hope. I encourage everyone to do he best they can with what they have.

To this I add the following information depending on my audience:

Surviving A Traumatic Event
Exploring what it takes to survive life’s challenges.

Invisible Illness

Having gone through two bouts with a rare autoimmune disease that eventually contributed to my paralysis, I address the medical challenges many of us encounter referred to as “invisible illness.” I provide tips on living a better life with an “invisible illness.”

Disability and Caregiving
From personal experience I speak on what it is like to be disabled and rely on caregivers for basic needs. Striving to live a “normal” life was my goal. A self-reliant individual I was forced to relinquish most of my day-to-day chores to caregivers.

Publishing a Book

Publishing and marketing your first book is a complicated process. To simplify it I refer to five steps I call Inspiration, Perspiration, Frustration, Motivation, and Determination.

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  • The Book

    Was it a miracle, God-given determination, or both, that lifted Kathi from the paralysis that blindsided her, confining her to a wheelchair?

    No one wants to face such a life-changing health crisis, but Kathi takes us on her journey of creating a new life with a disability. With a husband also hospitalized, she is alone in her battle. A rehab center becomes her home while she searches for strength of body—and mind.

    See how acceptance, determination, and courage can overcome the challenges of everyday life. Reading about her progress, you realize she is just like you—an ordinary person who accepts and achieves the challenge to accomplish extraordinary feats, inspiring us by her power of faith and determination.

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